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We are always so excited when new people come to visit us.  We believe that “the sermon starts in the parking lot.”  We want you to feel the love of Jesus as soon as you arrive on campus.

Creating Service Opportunities


Parking Team

Along with providing safe and adequate parking, especially for the elderly, handicapped and expectant mothers, our parking attendant’s number one priority is to create a welcoming atmosphere to every individual that drives onto our campus.


Welcome Team

The Welcome Team is made up of four different groups of volunteers: Parking Lot Greeters, Door Greeters, and First Time Attendee Handlers. These three groups assist our First Time Attenders from their vehicle all the way to the auditorium.


411 Central

With a pleasant, outgoing attitude, our 411 team provides information to our guest about the ministries, facilities and sign-ups at Temple. Their goal is to have no guest leave Canvas uninformed.



This is one of the most important teams here at Canvas. They provide a safe and secured atmosphere for our entire campus during any Canvas event.



With big smiles and warm hearts, these men hand out weekly bulletins to every guest and member, while assuring that they have a place to sit. In addition, they collect the offering and provide assistance needed before, during and after services.




The A-Team encourages every individual’s decision made at the Altar, while directing their next step regarding that decision.


For more information or to volunteer, please contact the church office at 706.548.1642.

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