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252 KIDS

What is 252 Kids?

252 Kids is an environment for elementary aged kids (K5- 5th grade) that meets every Sunday.  Each environment includes an exciting large group experience that allow children to worship and praise God on their level. There is an engaging time of teaching from the Bible using costumes, props and puppets to help children understand how God’s word fits in their life and to learn to talk with Him.

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Not only do we describe the importance of a Christ focused relationship discovered through the Gospels, but we discuss the importance of meaningful relationships with friends and families. We explain the necessary virtues children need to understand how to treat others the way we want to be treated.



Child safety is a top priority here at Canvas and we have taken the proper steps to ensure this level of safety is satisfactory to every parent.  Each parent and child will receive an identification tag that is exclusively tagged to them at check-in. This tag will serve as a way to inform the parents of any issues if they were to arrive.  Children may only be checked out by the specific identification tag given to the parents.

All volunteers in contact with your children have been interviewed and have received a federal background check.   Volunteers receive continuous training to ensure your child is cared for in the appropriate way.   All hallways and classrooms are monitored on a continuous basis.

We comply with all safety regulations of Mandatory Reporting Organizations.  It is federal law that if a volunteer suspects child abuse/neglect at home that we file a report within 24 hours of learning of parental neglect.



Parents are the biggest influence in a child’s life, and as so, the lesson on Sunday shouldn’t stop when they leave the church. We have developed a great program that allows the curriculum to be sent home with the child.  During these at home sessions, children should be encouraged to lead discussion as well as pray for specific topics.

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